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Aqueous PU Multi-fictionalization Project Gets Approval

The R&D and Industrialization on Aqueous Polyurethane Multi-fictionalization Project has been accept…

Key Words:Project Aqueous PU

Short-term Supply/Demand for Chemicals Affected by APEC Exports Sees Growth

APEC conference was held in Beijing recently, causing an effect on the production of domestic chemic…

Key Words:Industry

Wanhua Ningbo MDI Unit to Stop for Maintenance

Wanhua Chemical is looking maintenance for its two MDI units in Ningbo plant, according the company’…

Key Words:MDI Facility

Worldwide Latest Polyurethane Chemical Foaming Agent Comes Out in Zibo

CFA-A8, jointly developed by Zibo Zhenghua Form Materials Co., Ltd and Shandong University of Techno…

Key Words:Foaming Agent Product

Wanhua MDI Facility of 600ktpa Runs Successively

Wanhua MDI unit of 600ktpa has achieved a success as for its start-up in Yantai industrial park with…

Key Words:Factory Dynamism

Sichuan Petrochemical Ethylene Unit of 800ktpa Operates at 100%

Schuan Petrochemical ethylene unit of 800ktpa completed targeted production at full load on 26th Sep…

Key Words:Facility Dynamics

LPG Logistics Project Expected to Commence in Dalian

LPG logistics project will be constructed in Dalian

Key Words:LPG logistics project

Fubang Finishes PTMEG Project of 46ktpa

Sichuan Tianhua Fubang Chemical Industry Co., Ltd received its completion of the PTMEG project of 46…

Key Words:Project Completion

Sinopec HPPO Facility of 100ktpa to Start Up

Sinopec Changlin Lianhua Changsheng Petrochemical Co., Ltd launched its product purchasing meeting f…

Key Words:facility

Social Inventory of Polyethylene Decreased Slightly in China

Social Inventory of Polyethylene Decreased Slightly in China

Key Words:social inventory,polyethylene,decrease

PPR-M080N: New Material for LOCK&LOCK Produced in Wuhan

Wuhan Ethylene has recently produced a new kind of product which can be used for LOCK&LOCK.

Key Words:PPR-M080N, new product

Wanhua Yantai Isocyanate Facility Plans Shutdown at October End

The isocyanate facility in Yantai old plant area is scheduled to start full scale shutdown by Octobe…

Key Words:Factory Dynamism

Domestic Polypropylene Meets Double Pressure in Selling

Domestic polypropylene future goods are also facing serious challenges of cost along with the contin…

Key Words:Polypropylene Market

Qixiang Tengda Isooctane Stays at Full-scale Production

Qixiang Tengda isooctane has been staying at a level of full-scale production and sales volume since…

Key Words:Enterprise Dynamism

PetroChina Denies Breaks with Shell

PetroChina claimed a few days ago that it neither received any notification on investment reduction …

Key Words:Company Project

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