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Wanhua Ningbo Phase II MDI Plant Restarts

The Phase II MDI plant of Wanhua Chemical (Ningbo) Co., Ltd was announced a shutdown for maintenance…

Key Words:plant dynamism

Qicai Chemical Looks to Launch New Coating Project of 50ktpa

Shaoguan Qicai Chemical Co., Ltd is planning a construction of its new 50ktpa coating project that v…

Key Words:new project

Wanhua January polymerized MDI list price sees decline of 1,500CNY

Wanhau Chemical has announced a decrease of up to 1,500RMB/ton for its polymerized MDI list price of…

Key Words:Price Wanhua

Asia: Ethylene Supply to Remain Tight in 2015

Ethylene supply will remain tight in Asia in 2015

Key Words:Asia,ethylene supply

Wanhua MDI Plant of 600ktpa Succeeds in First Production

Yantai Wanhua’s MDI integrated unit of 600ktpa has succeeded in its first production in Wanhua Yant…

Key Words:Project Wanhua

Asia: Price of Butadiene to Rebound with Subdued Output and Warmer Demand

Affected by subdued output and pick up of procurement, spot price of butadiene in Asia has bottomed …

Key Words:Price trend, butadiene,asia

Polyurethane Waterproof Coatings in High-Speed Railway Start to be Sold

COMENS MATERIAL has started to sell polyurethane waterproof coatings used in high-speed railways.

Key Words:Polyurethane Waterproof Coating

Anti-dumping Measures against BDO Expires

The anti-dumping measures against BDO, which has already lasted for 5 years is drawing to a close.

Key Words:POLICY

Fangda Chemical Polyether and Additives Plant to be Launched at December End

The polyether and additives pilot plants, which was constructed by Fangda Chemical this year is expe…

Key Words:plant dynamism

Development Program of Wanhua Chemical Aliphatic Isocyanate Products

Wanhua is currently working on de-bottleneck technical transformation for the production capacity of…

Key Words:Corporation Strategy

China Expects to Slow Down Growth in Plastic Industry

China Expects to Slow Down Growth in Plastic Industry

Key Words:Plastic Industry, market trends

Market Trend of Liquid Chlorine in China

Domestic liquid chlorine market is mostly steady while price increases slightly in Shandong.

Key Words:Liquid Chlorine

Baby Car Seat Legislation to be introduced in 2016

The first draft regulation for baby car seat has been recently drawn up in China, which has also bee…

Key Words:Policy

Wanhua Chemical: Cost Analysis for Middle East and BASF MDI Project in Chongqing

Generally, Wanhua Bajiao, BASF Chongqin and Middle East Saudi Arabia will dominating the market in t…

Key Words:Project Analysis

First Domestic PO (Hydrogen Peroxide Method) Unit Successfully Test Run

Changling Refining’s first domestic PO unit which adopts hydrogen peroxide method has been test run…

Key Words:Project dynamic

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