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Sichuan Jiang’an CPE Project Starts Production

A CPE (Chlorinated Polyethylene) project of capacity of 50ktpa has completed its construction and st…

Key Words:Project

China Chemical and Wanhua Enters into a Contract – values 1.695 billion CNY

Hualu Engineering Technology Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Chemical has recently s…

Key Words:Corporation

Shenyang Chemical Plans the Acquisition of Blue Star Dongda Entering into Polyether Polyol Sector PU

Shenyang Chemical is expecting to purchase 99.33% of Blue Star Dongda’s equities through issuing sh…

Key Words:Corporation Acquisition

Cangzhou Dahua Plans the Application for Finance Leasing Business with its 50kt TDI Unit

Cangzhou Dahua will apply for leaseback finance leasing business that values 196 million Chinese Yua…

Key Words:Corporation Business

Cangzhou Dahua Nitric Acid Project Yields Qualified Products PUWORLD (2014-11-28) – Cangzhou Dahua’s

Cangzhou Dahua’s Nitric Acid Project with a capacity of 135ktpa has achieved success in its first …

Key Words:Project Dynamism

China Polystyrene Faces Oversupply Reminder of Slowing Downing Capacity Expansion

China polystyrene capacity has been experiencing a yearly growth of 7% recently, keeping the pace wi…

Key Words:Industry Oversupply

Blue Star Wuxi Resin Plant Completes Cancellation of Registration

Blue Star New Chemical Materials Corporation recently has canceled the registration for its resin pl…

Key Words:Corporation

Huafeng Chongqin Spandex Differential Project Starts Pilot Production

The differential spandex project with a capacity of 60ktpa invested and constructed by Huafeng Chong…

Key Words:Project Spandex

Household Appliances Hit the Highest This Year with Monthly Turnover of More Than 70 billion Yuan

October turnover of household appliances exceed 70 billion Yuan for the first time This Year

Key Words:household appliances, turnover, highest

China Commerce Department Declares Termination of TDI Anti-Dumping Measure

TDI anti-dumping measure against goods imported from America, Japan and South Korea will enter into …

Key Words:Policy TDI

TDI Content Test for Solvent Wood Coating Approved by Tianjin Inspection and Quarantine Bureau

The CNCA-14-B12 Free TDI Content Test for Solvent Wood Coating, organized by CNCA has been approved …

Key Words:TDI TEST

China Has Been the Largest Consumer Market of Epoxy Resin Worldwide

China has been the largest consumer market of epoxy resin in teh world

Key Words:China,epoxy resin

13 MTO Units Expected to Start Up in China Successively

It is expected to see 13 MTO facilities coming on the stream in the coming few years in China, 5 MT…

Key Words:Factory Dynamism

Fangda Chemical Polyether and Additives Units to Start Pilot Test Next Month PUWORLD (2014-11-18)–F

Fangda Chemical invested 1.8 million Chinese Yuan in the polyether and additives facilities for pilo…

Key Words:Factory State

Cangzhou Dahua Nitric Acid Project Successfully Test Run

Cangzhou Dahua 135ktpa nitric acid project successfully test run

Key Words:Cangzhou Dahua, New project

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