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Changshou Enters into Contract for High-end Isocyanate Project
Updated: 2015-02-04 15:21 Source: PUWORLD share:

PUWORLD (2015-02-04) – Chongqin Changshou economic development zone concluded an agreement with Sichuan Hongguo Jucai Technology Corporation on January14. Honguo Jucai will invest in 400 million CNY in HDI (50ktpa) and IPDI (20ktpa) projects, which well be constructed in Changshou economic development zone, according to the agreement.

Hongguo Jucai Technology Corporation is an up-end isocyanate products oriented manufacturer and it is also the second global enterprise that holds non-phosgenation technology for HDI and IPDI production. It mainly provides products for application sectors like upscale coatings, synthetic leather, elastomer, adhesives and propellant etc.

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