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Analysis on Polymeric MDI Price in Recent 5 Years
Updated: 2014-04-01 17:29 Source: PUWORLD share:

PUWORLD (2014-4-1)—The graph below is MDI price graph in recent 5 years. We can tell that generally speaking, polymeric MDI market price fluctuate within a stable range except early 2009 and late 2011 when in early 2009, MDI selling price is lower than cost while in late 2011, MDI price fell to bottom.

Early 2009, polymeric MDI market suffered from the most severe impact in the past decade. Then in traditional peak season of March and April, market turned better. And supported by favorable policy in home appliance industry, demands improved significantly.

Upward trend dominated MDI market in 2012, start from May, as suppliers took maintenance at the same time, supplies turned rather tight. Wanhua Ningbo unit stopped in August while NPU Rui’an unit stopped for expansion, polymeric MDI price increased to above Rmb 20000/ton.

Prices were already at high level in early 2013 and then it increased further in March and April. In terms of 2014, price presented flat in March. Maintenance of NPU unit and other maintenance plans failed to support the market. We are expecting demands to turn better in April.

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