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Arkema: Bostik Expands in Instant Engineering Adhesives
Updated: 2018-11-05 13:13 Source: PUWORLD獨家發布 share:

Arkema (Paris:AKE) is expanding in engineering adhesives with the announcement of the acquisition of Afinitica, a Spanish company specializing in instant adhesives, also known as cyanoacrylates. This small targeted acquisition will enable Bostik to develop a solid position in adhesives used in markets with strong growth potential, including electronics and medical equipment, and in many other durable goods manufacturing applications.

Afinitica has developed and patented a highly innovative manufacturing process for cyanoacrylate monomers used in the formulation of instant engineering adhesives with a broader scope of applications than traditional cyanoacrylates.

The new adhesives formulated by Afinitica can be used on any type of surface and with any material (metal, wood, ceramic, plastics, etc.), and offer the advantage of being odorless, non-irritant, and leaving no trace.

Instant adhesives are used in particular in high added value niche applications in the electronics markets, with their many applications such as automotive or communication, as well as in optical and medical device markets. They are enjoying strong growth thanks to the surge in the use of electronics in all aspects of everyday life.

With this targeted acquisition, Bostik will expand its existing range of assembly adhesives, while also speeding up the development of its offering for the durable goods markets.

This acquisition confirms Arkema’s commitment to continue the expansion of its adhesives business, one of the major drivers of its long-term growth.

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