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Cytec Launches EBECRYL® 8100, a Highly Functional UV Curable Modified Urethane Acrylate for Anti
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With the increased use of tactile screens in the consumer electronic industry, Cytec Industries Inc. today introduces a newly developed urethane acrylate for consumer electronics. The product, EBECRYL® 8100, is specially designed to meet the growing demand for easily cleanable protective coatings for tactile screens. It combines easy-to-clean properties with best-in-class surface protection for functional and decorative coatings. 

“Fingerprints are a very complex mixture of oils, fatty acids, water and salts and they can spoil any attractive design. They are difficult to remove and are problematic for glossy plastic and metal surfaces”, says Benoit De Becker, Global Marketing Director. “Different from other solutions in the market, our UV curable EBECRYL 8100 provides an active functionality which is chemically linked to the acrylate backbone and therefore provides easy-to-clean and anti-fingerprint properties,” he adds. 

Once cured by UV light, EBECRYL 8100 creates a very tight polymeric network with a contact angle of about 115o (water) that withstands cleaning and abrasion tests and carries a long lasting easy-to-clean effect. The coatings obtained with EBECRYL 8100 are optically clear and suitable for transparent plastic substrates such as treated glass, PC (polycarbonate) and PMMA (polymethylmethacrylate). Besides the proven efficiency benefits of energy curable technology, formulations of EBECRYL 8100 can be applied 
with several methods and enjoy the benefit of being very effective at low thicknesses. EBECRYL 8100 is a 100% solvent-free and HAPs (Hazardous Air Pollutant) -free solution. 

“Our innovation efforts do not stop here,” continues Benoit De Becker. “We are working on other anti-fingerprint and easy-cleanable grades that we will add to the portfolio, including a proprietary experimental development based on waterborne technology. “
Cytec Coating Resins delivers innovative products beyond our customers’ imagination. We are pioneers in the development and production of high performance coating solutions. Our line of coating resins and additives allow our customers to create the sustainable change for the industries they serve.


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